The influence of technology and science on our lives…

In order for us to understand terms such as Utopia and Zeitgeist we need technology to build on our knowledge. Also to from Zeitgeist we need to have more information on the world and its trades. The following will explain a few terms regarding technology and also how it reflects in our every day life.


Technology is advanced scientific knowledge used for practical purposes. It is especially visible in the industrial world where it is used to improve and invent new advanced machines and equipment. Technology is seen as the application of science. It is electronic and digital products used to make production easier.


Science derives from a Latin word “Scientia” which means knowledge.  Science is the study and knowledge of the physical world and its behaviour that is based on experiments and proven facts.  Science is the knowledge attained through study and practice.  Science is practiced by experimentation and good observation during experiments.  Science is mainly used to produce useful models of reality for next generations.   Science can also refer to a subject such as biology, physics or chemistry where it focuses more on the earth’s sciences and the modern science of ecology.  Science can be defined as pure science and applied science. Applied science refers more to research on human needs e.g. social sciences and pure science is more natural sciences.


A reflexive movement or action is one that you do without thinking thus reflex is the way your body parts move without you thinking about it or being able to control it. Reflexivity can also refer to something more personal.  It refers to a person’s values, beliefs and interests and how it influences a person’s work.


Technicism is defined as overconfidence in technology.  It is still an argument whether technicism is just the overconfidence in technology or is it the belief that humans will be able to control the entire existence using technology.  Some argue that human will eventually be able to master all problems with technology and they will control the future with that.


To wake up in the morning without an alarm is impossible for me. Although all small objects in life are also part of technology we tend to use the newer bigger and more extravagant technology.  Every day starts with technology.  We don’t use separate products such as alarms, watches, diaries calendars etc. to organize our lives anymore. We have cell phones with applications and features that do all these separate things that make our lives easier and then not only the necessary things, these phones have application for many more to entertain us and keep us busy. Now a day you don’t have to buy a newspaper to know what’s happening in the world. You can use the internet to read the news and stay up to date with the world’s small paradigms. From my point of view i see the internet as the biggest improvement in technology because it is available to everyone around the world and you can find absolutely anything on there.  I will be miserable and lost without the internet.  To be able to use internet you need a computer.  Today computers comes in different forms, laptop, desktop, notebooks, apple Mac and the list can go on because today everything works with different types of computers.  I always use the expression that my laptop has my whole life in it and if it dies I will die.  Today we rely on technology to store work, memories, music for entertainment and all other documents and files you can think of.  Earlier in society we used other smaller devices to store information on and today we can save big masses of information on one object with enough space such as external hard drives and flash drives. Technology not only refers to computers and similar devices it refers to many other objects we use in life such as a washing machine or even our cars. In order for human to be able to improve and use technology we need science to observe and experiment and to gain knowledge on certain things. Without knowledge and wisdom we as human are nothing. It is one thing to be clever but another thing to have knowledge and to know how to integrate your knowledge to your daily life.

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To share more about my interaction with technological items… basically my whole life exists from technology. I wake up in the morning with my cell phones alarm and then as soon as I opened my eyes I check what the time is just to work out how many times I have pressed the snooze button already. Then I say morning to the world via social networking and I see how many people had insomnia during the night and were extremely desperate for some conversation.  To remain on the cell phone topic, during the day when I think of something cool for a project or I just have a random thought or even if I have to remember something and I don’t have anything to write on, I type a memo on my cell phone or just put a reminder on there. How easy is that? It is a thousand objects and products in one. I am in love with my blackberry because it makes life easier in so many ways. My second best friend is my laptop. I rely on this object every day. I work on it I store everything on it and I explore on it. By exploring I mean I spend hours and hours on the internet just looking at the coolest stuff ever.  Sometimes I am amazed, my mind drifts away and I totally forget about all other things that I need to focus on. Technology amazes me. As we all know technology can sometimes let you down and it happens so quickly that something just crashes. I lost count of all the times that I felt I want to throw a blackberry or a laptop against the wall but then I just go back to the roots and I remember to backup all the documents and files on at least two other devices. I use my flash drive everyday and it makes life easier to share data quickly. For larger amounts of data I use an external hard drive which I keep safe so that in need I have backup.

Once again I say… I am lost without technology, even without light I am in total darkness.



Utopia is the image of an ideal community or society. It is the desire for the world to be perfect with systems in place that works flawless. The word Utopia is from Greek by Sir Thomas More. The term is used to describe communities that attempt to create an ideal society as well as fictional societies and how it portrays in literature.

More wrote a book on Utopia describing a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Utopia can be divided in several groups: Ecological Utopia describes ways in which society should relate to nature. It is a reaction towards the fact that the western way of living destroys the traditional way of living. That is why we have so many green movements across the world because it is influenced by the Ecological Utopia.  Everybody strives towards world peace and we can refer to this as a Global Utopia. World peace is seen as a possible ending of history. We also find Utopia in religion where human science is accepted as part of human living and we don’t focus on many ridiculous beliefs anymore. Today we focus more on technology and there is technological Utopia going on every day. Programmers strive towards the future and to higher our living standards with technology.

Utopia characterizes social positions. It forms out of the desire to escape from reality and it strives to social change. Utopia is basicly a dream or a creation of the ideal world and it has to do with fiction that s used for the setting of novels in literature. Therefor Utopia reflects in all work and designs because your ideal or vision for something will be your goal setting.

Today I feel that human lost their hunger for Utopia because it is suppressed by all the negative happenings in the world e.g. crime etc. But from a different point of view; if the key principle in choices and decision making are understood then you can form your own Utopia for any situation or field.

We all strive for something better, something more wow. In order to reach this goals we need to have Utopia in ourselves, we need to have an ideal image in our own minds to be able to set goals and to reach to higher mountains.


In order to find relevant research and effective information I used keywords such as Utopia, explanation on Utopia, Examples of Utopia, Utopia articles etc.

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Title: Utopia


Title: Utopia


Title: Utopia

Author: Sargent Lyman


Title: Utopian and dystopian fiction


Title: peace another Utopia

Author: Alfredo Sfeir – younis


Title: Utopia


Title: Critical introduction – the meaning of sexual health


Title: Indigenous paintings from the Utopia Region – Central desert


Title: Utopia


Title: What is Utopia?

Author: Megan Kisow


After I did the keyword search on the term Zeitgeist I had a broader understanding of it and it helped me to do further research on the topic. I was able to select the more reliable and relevant information because I was able to link the information to my understanding on the term.

In the links below there is much research on Zeitgeist and the Zeitgeist movement.  From what I have read I found a few interesting facts.

The term Zeitgeist is a loanword from German “Zeit” – time and “geist” – spirit.

I read in a few of my research pages that many people are striving to have similar movements such as the zeitgeist. They are trying to communicate their outlook and characteristics on a specific situation in a specific time. I love the way that people of today can relate to Zeitgeist because it shows that they are not scared to show and to say what their beliefs and opinions are.

The Zeitgeist movement is a development in Humanity; it is a response to a certain situation. Today’s Zeitgeist is seen as a post modern, globalized, paranormal paradigm. It is a shift from being optimistic and positive to being pessimistic and negative about all the things happening in the world.  Today’s Zeitgeist focuses on a plan to live in a world without war.

The weltgeist is a wider perspective on Zeitgeist. It means the world spirit. In my opinion I think Zeitgeist turned into the current ruler of the world.  Designers do things according to the way the society think and portray their characteristics so that all design will be a success. Communication is adapted to fit the spirit of time and of the generation.

There are different opinions and understandings under the term Zeitgeist but Zeitgeist can be applicable to any atmosphere in any place. Zeitgeist occurs in any field of human existence: in music; fashion styles, violence, etc.

I was able to find relevant information by using a few keywords: Zeitgeist; Zeitgeist movement, Zeitgeist articles, Zeitgeist explanations, Zeitgeist journals. I was very excited when I read the article “What is the Zeitgeist movement? A better explanation” because it interested me and made me very happy to see that people stand up for their own opinion and integrate their characteristics and beliefs into a certain situation in our time.

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Title: Zeitgeist


Title: the Zeitgeist movement


Title: What is the Zeitgeist movement? A better explanation.


Title: The Zeitgeist movement

Author: Sandy Simpson


Title: Parent Zeitgeist of despondency

Author: Jes. B. Tirol


Title: What is Zeitgeist

Author: Bryan Steopher


Title: The Zeitgeist movement

Author: Richard Stallman

Definitions and how it relates to design…

For the following post I have done research on the different definitions people and books have on the terms Zeitgeist and Utopia. Although there are very similarities it is interesting to see how people’s way of thinking and expressing differs. After a keyword search on Zeitgeist and Utopia I found that the meaning for each word describes so many situations in real  life.

In The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Zeitgeist is defined as the spirit of the time, the characteristics of an age or specific generation. It is also the general outlook of a specific time or period especially how it reflects in literature, art, philosophy etc.

Today Zeitgeist is quite important. It is important for designers to realize what the outlook on our time is but also people that were born in different generation’s outlook. Because a person that was born in the 60’s definitely has a different point of view on certain things than a person that was born in the 90’s. In design there is a different feel to certain styles, and the characteristics of the generation plays a huge role in how designers visualize an idea and communicate to the world.

Utopia is described as an ideal place in social, political and moral aspects.  It is a vision that is sometimes formed unrealistically but used for goal setting. It is seen as impractical schemes to reach idealistic images for social and political reform.

For designers utopia is what they do. They formed unrealistic but ideal ideas for the future. Designers see opportunities in almost everything and we form goals and dreams about our visions. Not only do we use Utopia to think and to dream, we use it as motivation to discover and to create.

My existing knowledge…

In my first part of the assignment I need to discuss Zeitgeist and Utopia.

From my existing knowledge I understand Zeitgeist as the cultural and spiritual characteristics of a specific period of time in history.  It is also the ideas, beliefs and interests of people in a specific time.

My understanding on the term Utopia is that it is a dream or a vision. It is a imaginary situation where society is seen as perfect.