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Definitions and how it relates to design…

For the following post I have done research on the different definitions people and books have on the terms Zeitgeist and Utopia. Although there are very similarities it is interesting to see how people’s way of thinking and expressing differs. After a keyword search on Zeitgeist and Utopia I found that the meaning for each word describes so many situations in real  life.

In The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Zeitgeist is defined as the spirit of the time, the characteristics of an age or specific generation. It is also the general outlook of a specific time or period especially how it reflects in literature, art, philosophy etc.

Today Zeitgeist is quite important. It is important for designers to realize what the outlook on our time is but also people that were born in different generation’s outlook. Because a person that was born in the 60’s definitely has a different point of view on certain things than a person that was born in the 90’s. In design there is a different feel to certain styles, and the characteristics of the generation plays a huge role in how designers visualize an idea and communicate to the world.

Utopia is described as an ideal place in social, political and moral aspects.  It is a vision that is sometimes formed unrealistically but used for goal setting. It is seen as impractical schemes to reach idealistic images for social and political reform.

For designers utopia is what they do. They formed unrealistic but ideal ideas for the future. Designers see opportunities in almost everything and we form goals and dreams about our visions. Not only do we use Utopia to think and to dream, we use it as motivation to discover and to create.


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