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Utopia is the image of an ideal community or society. It is the desire for the world to be perfect with systems in place that works flawless. The word Utopia is from Greek by Sir Thomas More. The term is used to describe communities that attempt to create an ideal society as well as fictional societies and how it portrays in literature.

More wrote a book on Utopia describing a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Utopia can be divided in several groups: Ecological Utopia describes ways in which society should relate to nature. It is a reaction towards the fact that the western way of living destroys the traditional way of living. That is why we have so many green movements across the world because it is influenced by the Ecological Utopia.  Everybody strives towards world peace and we can refer to this as a Global Utopia. World peace is seen as a possible ending of history. We also find Utopia in religion where human science is accepted as part of human living and we don’t focus on many ridiculous beliefs anymore. Today we focus more on technology and there is technological Utopia going on every day. Programmers strive towards the future and to higher our living standards with technology.

Utopia characterizes social positions. It forms out of the desire to escape from reality and it strives to social change. Utopia is basicly a dream or a creation of the ideal world and it has to do with fiction that s used for the setting of novels in literature. Therefor Utopia reflects in all work and designs because your ideal or vision for something will be your goal setting.

Today I feel that human lost their hunger for Utopia because it is suppressed by all the negative happenings in the world e.g. crime etc. But from a different point of view; if the key principle in choices and decision making are understood then you can form your own Utopia for any situation or field.

We all strive for something better, something more wow. In order to reach this goals we need to have Utopia in ourselves, we need to have an ideal image in our own minds to be able to set goals and to reach to higher mountains.


In order to find relevant research and effective information I used keywords such as Utopia, explanation on Utopia, Examples of Utopia, Utopia articles etc.

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