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After I did the keyword search on the term Zeitgeist I had a broader understanding of it and it helped me to do further research on the topic. I was able to select the more reliable and relevant information because I was able to link the information to my understanding on the term.

In the links below there is much research on Zeitgeist and the Zeitgeist movement.  From what I have read I found a few interesting facts.

The term Zeitgeist is a loanword from German “Zeit” – time and “geist” – spirit.

I read in a few of my research pages that many people are striving to have similar movements such as the zeitgeist. They are trying to communicate their outlook and characteristics on a specific situation in a specific time. I love the way that people of today can relate to Zeitgeist because it shows that they are not scared to show and to say what their beliefs and opinions are.

The Zeitgeist movement is a development in Humanity; it is a response to a certain situation. Today’s Zeitgeist is seen as a post modern, globalized, paranormal paradigm. It is a shift from being optimistic and positive to being pessimistic and negative about all the things happening in the world.  Today’s Zeitgeist focuses on a plan to live in a world without war.

The weltgeist is a wider perspective on Zeitgeist. It means the world spirit. In my opinion I think Zeitgeist turned into the current ruler of the world.  Designers do things according to the way the society think and portray their characteristics so that all design will be a success. Communication is adapted to fit the spirit of time and of the generation.

There are different opinions and understandings under the term Zeitgeist but Zeitgeist can be applicable to any atmosphere in any place. Zeitgeist occurs in any field of human existence: in music; fashion styles, violence, etc.

I was able to find relevant information by using a few keywords: Zeitgeist; Zeitgeist movement, Zeitgeist articles, Zeitgeist explanations, Zeitgeist journals. I was very excited when I read the article “What is the Zeitgeist movement? A better explanation” because it interested me and made me very happy to see that people stand up for their own opinion and integrate their characteristics and beliefs into a certain situation in our time.

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Title: What is the Zeitgeist movement? A better explanation.

4. http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/zeitgeist.html

Title: The Zeitgeist movement

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5. http://www.boholchronicle.com/2011/sep/25/sundry1.html

Title: Parent Zeitgeist of despondency

Author: Jes. B. Tirol

6. http://www.zimbio.com/Zeitgeist/articles/f2FL6S7F9ni/What+is+Zeitgeist

Title: What is Zeitgeist

Author: Bryan Steopher

7. http://stallman.org/articles/zeitgeist.html

Title: The Zeitgeist movement

Author: Richard Stallman


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