History on the speed in transport and communication

During the Industrial revolution different types of transportation developed and a traditional streetscape formed.  It was chaotic because there was no rules of where which type of transport should go etc.

In the 20th Century urbanism traffic was organized in to some sort of layers but soon enough a more structured manner was needed.

The public was separated into dedicated zones for different modes of transport and that type of zones are still used in our contemporary world and it works effectively and makes everything faster.

Transport started developing in the 18th century.  The middle of the 18th century the first horse-drive railways were build.  In 1803 the first locomotive was up and running.  Steamships and steam locomotives gave a boost to industrialization.  The first railway line was built in 1825.  Never was it enough and the search to a faster and greater way of transportation went on.  In 1859 the first gas engine was built and not long after that in 1885 the four stroke motor was put into motion.  From there on it evolved into bigger and better cars.  Cars with features that makes life extremely easy but more so made communication easier because it was faster and more reliable.

Earlier communication depended on transportation.  It started with letter that were hand written and travelled to the receiver, this took more than weeks and then the receiver still had to reply by letter and so it went on.  By the development of transportation the postal system became more effective and expanded rapidly.

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Developments did not end there; this is just a broad overview on how communication is reliable of transportation.  Every day somebody is experimenting with something faster something more reliable and something to make life easier for all of us.



Science photography

A photographic type used broadly today is science photography.  Without the existence of science photography education won’t be able to proceed and no record of any science would be available.  Science photography can be used as a tool to assist visualization of scientific matters.

Scientific photographers work for governments or research institutions because this photographic type relies on recording and measuring the fields of science, technology and medicine.  Science photography can be seen as many different parts of nature that are explored and captured by photographers in order to educate following generations on what is real and why it is seen as true, it captures beyond the limits of the human eye.

Science photography covers many fields and makes life easier for many people.  The police enforcements use photography for forensic reasons on crime scenes; this makes it easier to keep record of evidence.

Finer detail on organisms can be captured and scientists can make conclusions on how organisms live and what they do.  Many of these photographs are used for education in schools to explain how things work and what the purpose of it is.

Astronomy became easier accessible to people because of satellites that are now able to take photographs on certain objects in space.  Earlier we did not know what space looks like and what is in space and with the invention of photography education on astronomy became easy and a lot more interesting.

Last but not least, science photography is used in the medical industry for many purposes.  We make use of x rays to see deeper into the human body.  Molecules are captured and looked at to find the reason for certain diseases and also the development and discoveries on new medication are all thanks to science photography that makes it easier to explore and to experiment.

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Paparazzi photography

Paparazzi make me think of all the gossip corners in different magazines.  That is exactly what it is, it creates sensation about celebrities.  It is defined as photojournalism that specializes in the photography of celebrities, athletes politicians etc.  All people with some kind of importance are captured by the paparazzi.

Paparazzi is seen as an annoyance to celebrities and they are usually invading personal space in order to catch celebrities doing things they don’t want to be seen doing.  Some photographers even have restraining orders against them for being rude and pushy.

Mostly paparazzi works for magazines and newspapers.  Images of famous people doing something wrong create sensation and a major gossip and ever body buys the gossip.

Paparazzi can be seen as good photographers that are actually after the genuine quality of a person by capturing the beauty from a unexpected angle.

In the examples you will see that all photos taken by the paparazzi are unexpected and most of them the celebrities don’t even know they are being captured.  Magazines make such a big fuss around these images they even encircle what has been done wrong or what the gossip is about.

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To me the paparazzi is annoying because they create sensation about people that are only human with the exact same lives as we do and they make the exact same mistakes as we do but because they are famous and known it gets noticed and published all over.

Fashion photography

When I think of fashion photography I think of magazines, posters, books, and advertisements.  Basically I think of the contemporary world itself.  Fashion photography is one of the types of photography that is so important in our daily lives.  It is used to persuade us by making something look extremely beautiful and desirable by using a model, an exotic location and adding the necessary accessories.

Fashion photography is used for advertisements of all kinds even though it is not for fashion itself.  Companies also make use of models in pretty outfits to hold a cell phone or sit on a chair or whatever the object is they are selling.  If a pretty girl has a blackberry a guy will also want to have the exact same one and vice versa.  Mostly fashion photography is used in fashion magazines e.g Vogue or Elle etc.

In an article by Larry Fitxpacktrick- “fashion photography” I read that fashion photography takes time to achieve because it is not just about the snap shot.  The photographer needs to have a sense of marketing before you even start taken the photo.

You will be working with models.  This is quite challenging because you need to set the mood for the model in order for him/her to create a feeling that you want to communicate.  Communication skills and patience is very important in fashion photography.

As the photographer you need to be clued up with different cameras and the combinations they can be used in.  You will need to concentrate on the correct angle for different poses.  You need to capture defined detail of the model and the clothes that is worn.

Fashion photography is very modernised and stylish, sometimes it can be very professional and sometimes it can be loads of fun especially when you work in a studio with different props and a model that is comfortable in front of a camera.  In the examples given you will notice that the environment the photos are taken sometimes has a major effect on how the image turns out.  Most of the time the environment emphasizes the style of the clothes.

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This image is an example on how fun fashion photography can be in studios.  There are so many different poses you can do and so many things you can use to make it interesting.  When you look at the models hair you will notice that it is blown by a fan in order to emphasize it.  You will also notice that in all 3 photos she practically stands the same but only her hair that changes make it a whole different image and portrays 3 different moods.


Fashion magazine covers are always sensational and draws you attention to what is on the next page.  It is usually an image of a models face revealing only a small part of the clothes and accessories that he/she is wearing.  This technique makes people curios of what the clothes and accessories are and also in which exotic plays the photos are taken.

Art photography

The second photographic type I will be discussing is art photography.  A photograph is something that can be taken by anyone but, the style, materials and technique used to capture the image is what makes it artistic.

Art photographs are created with the creative vision of the artist.  It expresses the artist’s emotions and the images make it possible to share the feelings with the society.  Each image taken by an artist is taken with intensive care. The image is taken from with the opinion and understanding the artist has on a certain object or situation.

Photographers or rather artists compose images and have exhibitions to show their images to the world.  Artistic photos have a big influence on the public consciousness because only when the beauty of something is captured the human eye notices that it exists.  Sometimes it is necessary to show somebody the picture of reality itself before they believe it.

In each example you can see that it was artistically looked at before the image was taken because each image has a different angle.  The way shading and lighting is handled also plays a big role in how images can be interpreted.

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The following example drew my attention because I can see how technique was used to form an emotion around this image.  This is an example of art photography because the artist focussed on emphasizing small parts of the images to communicate the message to the audience.  In this image you get the feeling that the girl is neglected in some way, she is faced to the back because she is shy and the way lighting falls on her back and emphasizes her spine you get the feeling that she is emotionless and has pain to deal with.  All of this small techniques used connects with the message that the girl is neglected and needs some comfort.


I find art photography very interesting because each image taken is a art work on its own and it is handled with so much care.

Documentary photography

The first photographic type I will be discussing is Documentary photography.  It is the type of photography that draws my attention the most because when I look it my heart experiences all the emotions portrayed.

Documentary photography is used every day to capture the truth.  It is truthful and objective images of a particular subject and it captures the mood portrayed in the image and not just the image itself.

This type of photography has many different purposes and reasons why it developed into photography that has a huge effect on the society today.  It records history of certain events or even just something small considered as a memory, it reveals the truth and shows reality.  It can be used to persuade people and also to express feelings that can’t be expressed by words.

Looking deeper into these purposes I found that documentary is abused today because it messes with ones feelings e.g. images taken at war or in rural countries  are used on billboards to persuade people.  Most of these billboards are campaigns that raise money for countries that needs help.  When you see an image of a little girl that you can see in her eyes how terrified she is without anybody to protect her you immediately sponsor money because you feel guilty about everything you have.  These images manipulate us to feel guilty and to have sympathy with the people in need.  Documentaries are not always negative; it helps us to understand the intenseness of certain situations when we are not able to experience it for ourselves.  It makes it possible for us to learn the history and to better understand where certain things come from.

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I found a few examples on documentary photography but one of them caught my eye because of the intense pain I experience when I look at the image.   This girl is in an awful situation.  You can see the pain in her eyes as if she has lost someone forever and she is holding on to one materialistic thing that will remind her of what has been before and now taken away from her.  You can see she is scared to take another step because she is uncertain of herself and terrified of what will happen next.  You can see form the dirt in her face she has been through a lot and I experience the intense pain when I look into her eyes.  It feels as if I am there with her in the situation and I can help her.  That is what documentary photography is all about:  It draws you attention in such a strange way that it actually feels as if you are part of that reality.       

Introduction to photography

In the last few days I had a lot to do with the history of photography and the different genres it can be divided in.  I did research on how photography is used from where it started, until now in the contemporary world and how it is used to perceive the world’s interpretation on things.

Photography is a process of producing images of objects on a photosensitive surface.  It can be seen as light writing because images are captured by the use of light that projects through a lens.  The idea of capturing an image to keep forever led to the experimenting and development of the camera.

In 1888 George Eastman introduced the first proper camera, the Kodak, and photography became possible to anybody who has the desire to capture something worth a memory.  Photography developed into something enormous used by everyone today.  It is used to make certain jobs easier, to capture memories, as a hobby and as art.

I learned that photography can be used in many different forms and for many different reasons.  In my next few posts I will be discussing the types of photography and you will find examples on how these types come to action every day.