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Art photography

The second photographic type I will be discussing is art photography.  A photograph is something that can be taken by anyone but, the style, materials and technique used to capture the image is what makes it artistic.

Art photographs are created with the creative vision of the artist.  It expresses the artist’s emotions and the images make it possible to share the feelings with the society.  Each image taken by an artist is taken with intensive care. The image is taken from with the opinion and understanding the artist has on a certain object or situation.

Photographers or rather artists compose images and have exhibitions to show their images to the world.  Artistic photos have a big influence on the public consciousness because only when the beauty of something is captured the human eye notices that it exists.  Sometimes it is necessary to show somebody the picture of reality itself before they believe it.

In each example you can see that it was artistically looked at before the image was taken because each image has a different angle.  The way shading and lighting is handled also plays a big role in how images can be interpreted.

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The following example drew my attention because I can see how technique was used to form an emotion around this image.  This is an example of art photography because the artist focussed on emphasizing small parts of the images to communicate the message to the audience.  In this image you get the feeling that the girl is neglected in some way, she is faced to the back because she is shy and the way lighting falls on her back and emphasizes her spine you get the feeling that she is emotionless and has pain to deal with.  All of this small techniques used connects with the message that the girl is neglected and needs some comfort.


I find art photography very interesting because each image taken is a art work on its own and it is handled with so much care.


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