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Introduction to photography

In the last few days I had a lot to do with the history of photography and the different genres it can be divided in.  I did research on how photography is used from where it started, until now in the contemporary world and how it is used to perceive the world’s interpretation on things.

Photography is a process of producing images of objects on a photosensitive surface.  It can be seen as light writing because images are captured by the use of light that projects through a lens.  The idea of capturing an image to keep forever led to the experimenting and development of the camera.

In 1888 George Eastman introduced the first proper camera, the Kodak, and photography became possible to anybody who has the desire to capture something worth a memory.  Photography developed into something enormous used by everyone today.  It is used to make certain jobs easier, to capture memories, as a hobby and as art.

I learned that photography can be used in many different forms and for many different reasons.  In my next few posts I will be discussing the types of photography and you will find examples on how these types come to action every day.


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