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Fashion photography

When I think of fashion photography I think of magazines, posters, books, and advertisements.  Basically I think of the contemporary world itself.  Fashion photography is one of the types of photography that is so important in our daily lives.  It is used to persuade us by making something look extremely beautiful and desirable by using a model, an exotic location and adding the necessary accessories.

Fashion photography is used for advertisements of all kinds even though it is not for fashion itself.  Companies also make use of models in pretty outfits to hold a cell phone or sit on a chair or whatever the object is they are selling.  If a pretty girl has a blackberry a guy will also want to have the exact same one and vice versa.  Mostly fashion photography is used in fashion magazines e.g Vogue or Elle etc.

In an article by Larry Fitxpacktrick- “fashion photography” I read that fashion photography takes time to achieve because it is not just about the snap shot.  The photographer needs to have a sense of marketing before you even start taken the photo.

You will be working with models.  This is quite challenging because you need to set the mood for the model in order for him/her to create a feeling that you want to communicate.  Communication skills and patience is very important in fashion photography.

As the photographer you need to be clued up with different cameras and the combinations they can be used in.  You will need to concentrate on the correct angle for different poses.  You need to capture defined detail of the model and the clothes that is worn.

Fashion photography is very modernised and stylish, sometimes it can be very professional and sometimes it can be loads of fun especially when you work in a studio with different props and a model that is comfortable in front of a camera.  In the examples given you will notice that the environment the photos are taken sometimes has a major effect on how the image turns out.  Most of the time the environment emphasizes the style of the clothes.

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This image is an example on how fun fashion photography can be in studios.  There are so many different poses you can do and so many things you can use to make it interesting.  When you look at the models hair you will notice that it is blown by a fan in order to emphasize it.  You will also notice that in all 3 photos she practically stands the same but only her hair that changes make it a whole different image and portrays 3 different moods.


Fashion magazine covers are always sensational and draws you attention to what is on the next page.  It is usually an image of a models face revealing only a small part of the clothes and accessories that he/she is wearing.  This technique makes people curios of what the clothes and accessories are and also in which exotic plays the photos are taken.


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