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Paparazzi photography

Paparazzi make me think of all the gossip corners in different magazines.  That is exactly what it is, it creates sensation about celebrities.  It is defined as photojournalism that specializes in the photography of celebrities, athletes politicians etc.  All people with some kind of importance are captured by the paparazzi.

Paparazzi is seen as an annoyance to celebrities and they are usually invading personal space in order to catch celebrities doing things they don’t want to be seen doing.  Some photographers even have restraining orders against them for being rude and pushy.

Mostly paparazzi works for magazines and newspapers.  Images of famous people doing something wrong create sensation and a major gossip and ever body buys the gossip.

Paparazzi can be seen as good photographers that are actually after the genuine quality of a person by capturing the beauty from a unexpected angle.

In the examples you will see that all photos taken by the paparazzi are unexpected and most of them the celebrities don’t even know they are being captured.  Magazines make such a big fuss around these images they even encircle what has been done wrong or what the gossip is about.

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To me the paparazzi is annoying because they create sensation about people that are only human with the exact same lives as we do and they make the exact same mistakes as we do but because they are famous and known it gets noticed and published all over.


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