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Akio Nakamori first oublically wrote the Otaku-Zoku meaning the Otaku tribe. He worte about the way that Otaku takes form by obsessions. Usually Utako are about the way people gets addicted to anime, manga or video games.

Otaku can be defined as a person who has an extreme devotion to a hobby or one specific thing like a actor or a specific character in an animation. It refers to someone who has a obsessive interest. In Japan Otaku is an insult implying that you are some kind of nerd and have absolutely no social skill. Otaku can also be referred to as someone who only leaves home to eat or to shop if they leave home at all because they have such an obsession with their hobby that they only spent time on that. An Otaku person has nothing better to do than to watch anime, playing video games or surfing the internet usually to find something about their obsession. Sometimes Otaku can be used amongst friends to make fun of each other in a semi-humorously way. The Otaku tribe is normally very antisocial and isolated from the world.

Today we still have to do with Otaku but only to a larger extent. From the youngest boys and girls to the oldest man and woman you still see addiction and obsession of video games, stories, series, action figures and the list can go on. In our lives today it is easier to become obsessive about something because there are so many different collective items and things available to buy and there are a constant development in anime, manga and kawaii items. I have a few examples of Otaku’s rooms that will clearly show you that their obsession is all they do and see the whole day.

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