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The utopian ideals of suprematism’s manifesto

Looking at the manifesto written by Kasimir Malevich I realized that feeling and emotions is the main reason for the expressions in their art.   This also means that objectivity has nothing to do with their art but rather more focused on subjectivity.  It is also the main focus to express themselves in their art.  Their art is pure feeling of a specific time.

In their art there is no phenomena what so ever.  It is mostly meaningless if you don’t know the emotion and the story behind the piece of art. The manifesto of suprematism focused on mediums that will express feeling and emotion the best.  They also strengthen the emotions by not using the appearance of familiar objects but rather using something different and more meaningful.

One of the most famous art pieces of the artist Malevich was the “black square” where there was absolutely nothing more than just a black square on a white background.  This has no meaning to me if I look at it for the first time but if you look deeper into the time and situation the artwork were created then you understand that it was pure feeling and emotion expressed with one shape.

These artists believed that nothing is real except feeling, and I agree to that because nothing can be created without a feel to it.  Even in my designing if I want to create something I first need to form a feeling and emotion around what I am busy doing and each little piece gets created with the feeling on that specific moment.

Another utopian ideal in this manifesto is that it wants art to move away from serving the state of religion and to illustrate the history, they want nothing to do with what already exist, it must be pure feeling on a specific time and in a certain situations using no practical and existing values and standards.

The main focus of suprematism is to create something with feeling that is still utilitarian.  It is difficult to create a good concept that is utilitarian, only confining it with feeling and without using your conscious mind, but these artists focus on creating practical objects that expresses their feelings as well.

Last but not least, and this part I love the most, is that they moved away from the practical considerations and took on new possibilities to create something that is functional.



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