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The Bauhaus movement

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Well the last few days I’ve been doing research on the different art movements, where it comes from, how it developed into the different movements and how it affected the design world of today.

One of the most interesting movements to me is the Bauhaus movement, especially because it is still visible in the modern style used today.  The Bauhaus sometimes referred to as the house of building or the house of construction, was found by the architect Walter Gropius in Germany – 1919.  The Bauhaus school emerged out of the 19th century and its main aims were to reunite the applied arts and manufacturing and reform the education of art.  Their approach was to work on the understanding of art relationship to society and technology.  Another major function of the Bauhaus was to combine crafts and fine arts.


The Bauhaus school had an interesting curriculum where they focused on originality and influence. This wheel program explains the curriculum.


The outer ring represents a 6 months preliminary course concentrating on practical formal analysis, particular in the properties of forms, colors and material. The two middle rings represents a 3 year course that focused on problems related to form and then also focused on technical craft skills. The center specialized in building construction.

Bauhaus are recognized by many characteristics.  They used geometric shapes in an asymmetry structure.  They also used shapes, bars and rules to unify or separate elements in contrast with using them as decoration in design.  Horizontal and Vertical lines were dominant in their compositions and creations. The Bauhaus made use of extreme contrast in type size and weight to emphasize certain parts in their designs. They found interest in san serif typefaces. When it comes to color they used different color tints to emphasize key elements and key words in their typographic designs. It interests me that these characteristics are visible in all their designs for example their building constructions, their furniture designs, their advertisement approaches etc.  I am also inspired by these characteristics in my own design approaches.

In my next post I will be describing the impact that the Bauhaus had on modern style design and also how I see the influence of Bauhaus in our every day designs.


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  1. Please feel free to post the sources of first hand experience regarding Bauhau’s paintings and architecture as it is one of the topics to be covered for grade 12th student,

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