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The impact that Bauhaus had on the contemporary design world.

So friends, after looking at the Bauhaus movement and where it comes from it is kind of easy to see why it still has such a big influence on the designers of today. It is said that the Bauhaus style became one of the most influential currents in the modernist architecture and modern design, especially influencing the development in art, architecture, graphic design and interior design.

The Bauhaus focused on meeting the needs of society by creating something that is utilitarian but also cleverly designed.  They believed that less is more in design and this is clear when you see that they try to use the minimum to create something that is still unique and aesthetic.

When we look at the Bauhaus movement we realize that they focused more on stylistic aspects but also incorporating it with functionality.  In the contemporary furniture, building and other article designs we recognize that all designs are stylistic focused on and are also very functional for what it’s designed for.  The aims of Bauhaus and the modern world are not very different from each other as the modern world aims to define a style of time, which encapsulate modern designs.

To compare the functions and principles of each movement is easy because it is very relative to each other as the modern movement focused on principles such as the expression of volume rather than mass (less is more), balance rather than preconceived symmetry and the expulsion of applied art.

The Bauhaus still has a great influence on typographic designs and the principles that Bauhaus used are still clear in contemporary designs.  The lowercase and sans serif typeface are still very popular in design and used regularly.

The Bauhaus concentrated on the new and the future, which is probably why it is still noticeable in the contemporary design.  It is nice to recognize previous art movements in our contemporary designs and in some way it feels amazing to be able to relate to some design principles that the Bauhaus had. Don’t you think that it is so cool to know that when you put on clothes in the morning, or watch a movie or walk into a building that it actually comes form a certain movement that has been used long before we were even born.


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Take care friends, and keep up the inspiring and motivated attitude to learn more and to discover different things in art and design and where it comes from.  Try to incorporate your knowledge in your designs and create something outstanding!









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