The international typographic style used in contemporary logo design.

Hey there guys. So I hoped that you found the last post interesting and that one small seed also inspired you the way it inspires me. This week is all about the international typographic style.  It is still very popular in today’s contemporary design. I am going to look at a few logo designs and hopefully through my analysis and explanations you will be able to identify the ITS in other contemporary designs.

I will start off by giving you a few examples of the use of ITS in logos and then I will discuss a few of them to give you an overview of the characteristics that you can look out for.






modern logos 11


UpArt Logo-Tagline_FA



 Looking at the logo of ‘Suit Africa’ you can clearly see the ITS principles.  The geometric shapes used in the illustration of the suit used in the ‘U’ is typical ITS.  The designer used San serif type throughout the design.  The hierarchy of the two words used is clear and also sets focus to the main logo and illustration.  The hierarchy also creates an asymmetrical balance.  The colours used are vibrant as the red draws attention and the white contrasts with the black.  This logo is simplistic and this makes it very successful.

modern logos 11

The next logo I will be discussing is ‘Textura’.  This logo is very simple and the use of illustration and text compliments each other very well.  The illustration is geometrical as you can se the rectangles are formed just with clean straight lines.  In this logo the use of grids are clear as the illustration is placed above and in the middle of the text.  The designer also made use of san serif type.  You will notice that nothing is exaggerated in this logo this is because the ITS focus on simplicity. Contemporary-Logo-Design-textura

When I look at the next logo the first thing I notice is the geometric shapes used to build the type in the logo.  This is very interesting and draws attention towards the logo.  The asymmetrical balance between the illustration and the rest of the type is the second thing that caught my eye.  The logo is quite heavy on the left hand side and the focus lies on the illustration.  When you look at the rest of the type san serif type is used but the letters and also the words are placed in grids and with even spaces between them.    UpArt Logo-Tagline_FA

Redgate’s logo is based on the ITS just by using san serif type.  The creators of the ITS style believed that san serif type made words more legible.  By using type in the correct way the logo meets with a few other characteristics as well.  There is a definite hierarchy and it also creates an asymmetrical balance.  The colour use also adds to the balance as the navy blue draws more attention because it is contrasting with the light grey colour. redgate-freeriders-logo-portfolio-main

The last logo I will discuss is actually quite interesting as it has many of the characteristics of the ITS.  The illustration is created out of simplistic geometrical shapes.  San serif type is used throughout the design. By using different font sizes and colours the hierarchy is clear.  You can also see that grids are used to place the words and there is also an asymmetrical balance because of the illustration that is slightly bigger than the rest of the type but also because of the ‘we make your world’ that’s placed on the right.



So I hope you enjoyed the journey through the characteristics of the international typographic style.  Do yourself a favour this week and see if you can recognize the ITS in some other contemporary designs.




local design magazine – one small seed

Hey hey! It is a brand new year with so many new topics to blog about!  Cool things to experience and lots to learn about.

This year I decided to get some inspiration from different things: magazines, other blogs, TV shows, illustration, photographs and many more.  I found my first inspiration, the design magazine “one small seed”.


Just some cover pages to introduce you to the awesome magazine:

images one_small_seed1 one-small-seed_02 finalbirdcoverblack white info onesmallseed_issue23-Cover

One small seed was launched in October 2005 but it is not just a magazine.  It is a South African media house with different ways to express awesome things.  One small seed is all about inspiration and how to share it.  It consists of a blog, social networking, online TV, photography publications, a production company, a series of different events and then the most important of all; the magazine that brings everything together.

Apart form one small seed’s website, the magazine is something cool to have.  A perfect sized book to carry with you all the time and refer back to for some inspiration or sometimes just for some relaxation.  To me it is all about experiencing something with your senses.  What is cool about the magazine is that it feels designer like.  The whole magazine is printed on a glossy paper and makes it so much nicer to page through.  This also links to the modern style of the magazine, it has a funky look and feel but it is also very professional.  The style of the magazine is inspiring because of the different design elements brought into harmony on each page.

Here are a few examples of the page layouts in the magazine:

3094356741_8a2f7d8eeb Modern Day Goddess one-small-seed-zg

After looking through the magazine and looking at the layout and type used, I got so much inspiration and realized that you can make something look interesting without using to many things.  The layout is clean and still interesting; each page is handled with care and respect towards design.  This is what inspires me the most, the fact that each page is handled as a piece of art.  The pages are not overwhelmed with to many elements and designs but it is just enough to keep you interested to page to the next topic.

When I look at the type it makes the pages complete, one typeface are used right through the magazine for the articles itself and then different typefaces are used in an interesting way to compliment what ever topic is discussed and illustrated.  The type makes the magazine because the type is wisely used in terms of the white space left open.  The content is still enough but the type is placed so well that you don’t feel all you do is read.

The content of the magazine is the most interesting part and makes the magazine such a huge success. It is not just an ordinary design mag; it is a showcase for talent of any kind.  It is a platform to let go of all creativity and develop it into something extraordinary.  The magazine focus on South African artists but also give us some international influence in order to strive for bigger and better dreams and goals.  This magazine is not all about design it is about artists of any kind; musicians, photographers, architects, designers and illustrators.

The following link will take you to the different categories that one small seed’s magazine covers. Here you will also find some more detail on how they look into the different categories and how they incorporate it through the magazine.

Looking at the different categories the magazine covers, you will find that the genre of this magazine is a modern styled magazine with many topics, stories and events to cover.  From what I experienced I think that the niche of this magazine is not just for advanced designers but it is for newborn artist looking for guidance and inspiration.

The next link will take you to a sneak peak of the current edition.  Here you will be able to view some articles and fun stuff going on in the edition.

I hope you find this awesome magazine as inspiring as i did… keep it real till the next time 🙂