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Jimmy Choo

Hey there! I hope you are all doing great and that my previous post made you think a bit the past few days.  I am back again today to talk about a contemporary brand that I admire according to their style, their branding strategies and their identity as whole.  As I looked around I realized how many brands there are and how many brands has a unique style of branding.  I looked at a few magazines and how brands advertise.  Well to get to the point of discussion is that I chose to talk about Jimmy Choo today.


Jimmy Choo is not just any brand, it is a brand that any woman desires to have and to wear.  Jimmy Choo draws my attention time and again by the intriguing way of advertising and displaying themselves.  Jimmy Choo appeals to me simply because of it’s style.  The style is glamorous, it gives a sense of feminine and it also lifts your standards.  Jimmy Choo is explained to be an iconic luxury brand defined by the empowered sense of glamour and a confident sense of style.

I also admire Jimmy Choo for where the brand comes from.  It started of with a shoemaker named Jimmy Choo in the early 1990’s.  He later on became so popular that he catered for the global jet set including Princess Diana.  The company of Jimmy Choo was founded in 1996 and from there on it was only great success at their door.

Jimmy Choo enjoyed immediate success after the sexy cuts, fashionable designs and Italian craftsmanship, which started a sophisticated clientele.  The whole idea behind Jimmy Choo was to create a global luxury business that everybody can enjoy.  When I look at the fact that Jimmy Choo started with shoes and how it expanded to handbags, sunglasses, scarves etc. I realize that this is why I became a graphic designer.  Every brand is an opportunity and a challenge to build and to expand a brand in order to gain success.





Jimmy Choo was the first brand that brought handbags and shoes to Hollywood where the red carpet proved the ideal runway for the brand.  Today Jimmy Choo is a stylish icon for celebrities and royalty.

The advertisements of Jimmy Choo is the most important part that appeals to me.  The brand is defined by the bold dramatic advertising portraying glamorous but strong women in heels and luxurious handbags.  Their advertising also links with their stylish designs by adding style and glamour to their advertisements.  They also make sure they advertise in glamorous magazines and where people with style and money to afford Jimmy Choo will see the advertisements.


Jimmy Choo’s vision is to create one of the world’s most treasured luxury brands.  When I think about this vision I realize that Jimmy Choo’s standards are extremely high but I think it would be great if they can maybe figure something out to make Jimmy Choo more accessible for young women without lowering their standards.  I would like to see this change happening because young women have a desire to feel stylish and glamorous.  Jimmy Choo can make them feel worthy again.


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