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Conceptual design

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After reading the manifesto’s, especially first things first I looked at some conceptual designs that focusses on different matters.  Here is a few examples of good conceptual designs and also a short discussion of what the matter is they are looking at and how effective it is.

Image 1:







When I look at this image, I see many things and I realize how successful the design is.  What you see in this image is a forest representing lungs. The one lung is damaged.  From my point of view the lungs represent a smokers lungs that is getting damaged while smoking.  The trees and the forest represent nature and this makes people aware that not only does smoking damage your lungs and affects you health, it is also harmful for nature and it makes people aware that smoking causes pollution of many kinds.

Image 2:


Yet this is another example of brilliant conceptual designing.  If you were a smoker, this image would immediately draw your attention if you wanted to see it or not.  This image plays with your emotions and also makes you feel stupid because you know it is true that you are slowly killing yourself but yet you still keep on smoking.  In this image the main focus is smoking will kill you eventually, and to a smoker this might be just the way to get them to stop smoking.

Image 3:


This image in an excellent example of making people aware of things by using clever design ideas and skills.  I mean if I buy a milkshake or soft drink from a place with a design like that on, I would immediately be aware of what they are trying to say and then I will focus more on the cause.  This conceptual design is brilliant because you don’t only see it once, you see it every time you put the straw in you mouth and your brain automatically programs itself to think in a different way.  In this case it makes us aware of air pollution and that every time we start our cars the air gets polluted.  If I had to see this image and know that I drove to buy my soft drink, I would feel so bad and guilty that the next time I would rather think of walking around the corner to buy what ever I need.

Few other examples:












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