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First things First Manifesto 2000

Hey there guys. It’s been quite a while since I last posted.  A few days ago I came across the first things first manifesto.  I would like to tell you more about my perception about this manifesto and also how it reflects in my life as a designer.

The manifesto focuses on a few things, but a few things cam to my attention. The first one is that designers are taught that advertising of products and services are the main focus of design.  It also states that advertising is what design is all about.  My honest opinion is that advertising plays a big role in graphic design and this also reflects in my life as a designer because all projects that I do is to advertise something or selling the perfection of a product to the world.  Further more the manifesto states that designing is more than just advertising, it is about educating people and making them aware of things that needs to be focused on.  Social matters such as HIV, drugs, pollution, saving water etc. is important things that people should know about.  Now to me this is very difficult as a designer, because the world already knows about all of these social matters and in some way it gets boring to them when everybody wants to draw attention to this.  As a designer you have to very clever in order to draw the right attention that will actually focus on what you are trying to say.

To get back to first things first folks is that if we don’t focus on our own environment, health and safety there won’t be anything to work with in order to produce products or provide services.  So let your mind think about what designers really need to focus on and rather read the poster about HIV or pollution than just ignoring it because tomorrow a designer will help you sell you product.  If you ever think of first things first, respect the fact that we as designers are doing our best to make your world a better place no matter what the design is al about.




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