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Incomplete manifesto for Growth – Bruce Mau

Wow folks, I didn’t quite realize how influential and also interesting manifesto’s can be.  I started reading this manifesto of Bruce Mau and I actually started laughing at myself because I realized how many of these bullets are actually so true.

Here you can find the bullets of the manifesto.  I will provide you with a link if you would like to read the whole manifesto.  If you are an idea generator of any kind you have to read this and laugh and agree with me.

.                      Allow events to change you

.                      Forget about good

.                      Process is more important than outcome

.                      Love your experiments

.                      Go deep

.                      Capture accidents

.                      Study

.                      Drift

.                      Begin anywhere

.                      Everyone is a leader

.                      Growth happens

.                      Harvest ideas

.                      Edit applications

.                      Keep moving

.                      Slow down

.                      Don’t be cool

.                      Ask stupid questions

.                      Collaborate

.                      Blank spaces

.                      Stay up late

.                      Work the metaphor

.                      Be careful to take risks

.                      Repeat yourself

.                      Make your own tools

.                      Stand on someone’s shoulders

.                      Avoid software

.                      Don’t clean your desk

.                      Don’t enter awards competitions

.                      Read only left-hand pages

.                      Make new words

.                      Think with your mind

.                      Forget technology

.                      Organization = Liberty

.                      Don’t borrow money

.                      Listen carefully

.                      Take field trips

.                      Make mistakes faster

.                      Imitate

.                      Scat

.                      Break it, stretch it, bend it, crush it, crack it, fold it

.                      Explore the other edge

.                      Coffee breaks, cab rides, green rooms

.                      Avoid fields

.                      Jump fences

.                      Laugh

.                      Remember

.                       Power to the people

When I read this manifesto I realized how many of these are actually working for me.  I also learned quite a few new tricks to break my mind block that I get sometimes.  Things like stay up late and just laugh is things I normally do with my design friends and to be honest some of the greatest ideas where generated in those fun and crazy times.  So do yourself a favor and read this manifesto, try a few things out, and if you fail in those try some of the others. (haha) never give up on a idea, it is always there you just have to dig a bit deeper.






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